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Any marketing tactic where you don't measure results is useless.
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Best Sellers Rank is a service that tracks how books perform on Amazon. It periodically (hourly, daily, or weekly) collects and sends easy-to-read key performance indicator reports for all your Amazon books.

Best Sellers Rank is great for...

  • Knowing how your books are doing. You get the sales rank, review count, ratings—and much more—for each book, sent to you. Stop obsessively checking Amazon. Let Best Sellers Rank do it for you!
  • Learning which promotional strategies improve sales. Probably 20% of your promotional efforts generate 80% of your sales. Which convert the best? By tracking sales rank you know which of the promotions you do actually result in sales.
  • Answering questions like: Would I be better off writing or promoting? A few books usually generate most sales. Which genres sell the best for me? Should I write more of one genre because it's selling better? How is my competition doing?

Show Me! an example email report.

Today is a Terrific Day to Start Tracking Your Books
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In Each Report See...
What's Happening Now
  • A quick summary of your book's sales rank in the store, review total, review average, and price.
  • Current rankings in each category.
  • Current review count. Review counts are useful because reviews are a proxy for sales. And by looking at the relative proportions you can calculate readthrough percentages.
What's Changed
  • Has your sales rank gone up or down?
  • Has your book been placed in a new category or deleted from a category?
  • Has your review count gone up?
  • Has your ratings gone up or down?
  • Has the book price gone up or down?
  • Has the description changed?
  • How your book performs over time with graphs for changes in sales rankings, price, reviews, and for each category.
  • When your sales rank as been consistent over a stretch of time. Amazon loves that.
Before & After Splits

A split is any event (ad, new cover, new blurb, etc.) for which you want to measure performance before and after the event. For example, when you create an Amazon ad, add a split. Then you can compare sales rank before and after the ad.

Best Selling Books

Every week a report is sent to you showing which of your books are selling the best and in which categories they are selling the best. With this information you can decide where to invest going forward:

  • Which promotional efforts actually worked? Do you want to do more of those?
  • Which of your books perform the best? Do you want to write more of those?
  • Which categories do your books perform the best in? Do you want to write more to market?

It doesn't stop there. We'll keep adding information that will help your author business succeed.

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Are You Profiting?
Armed with knowledge of which promotion efforts have led to sales, you can plan how best to spend your time and money promoting your book...By tracking my sales, I have learned that the warning we’ve heard is absolutely true. As a self-published author, you have to continually market your book. When you don’t, sales stagnate. You don’t have to look far for the numbers that prove it. -- Laurie Lewis

People are reading more than ever. Are your promotional strategies convincing them to read more of your books?

How would you even know? Attribution is hard. One way is by tracking your sales rank.

Why is tracking your sales rank so valuable? It tells your Amazon story.

Sales rank is the key component behind the algorithm powering the Kindle Store.

Sales rank is Amazon's measure of how well your book is selling. It also tells Amazon how much effort it should put into promoting your book.

When sales rank goes down, you're selling less and Amazon cares less. When sales rank goes up, you're selling more and Amazon cares more.

You want Amazon to care about your book because that causes Amazon's algorithm to sell your books for you—which means tracking your sales rank so you know which promotions work and which don't.

In a week, today's book sale will count almost nothing towards your sales rank. Do nothing and your rank will fall...unless you do something to increase it.

Ideally, you want four or five days of consistently rising sales. This will cause Amazon's recommendation algorithm to start working for you.

Not tracking your sales rank? Then millions of constantly promoting authors will leapfrog over you.

Tracking sales rank helps you succeed because you see the results of your actions:
  • Did your new ad campaign boost sales?
  • Are your ads working or should you terminate them?
  • Did your new blurb get the ball rolling?
  • Did adding new categories make a difference?
  • Did your new cover increase sales?
  • Is that new deal, price point, or pricing strategy lifting sales?
  • Is your box set a knockout?
  • Is going wide narrowing sales?
  • Did your email blast light a fire?
  • Are you receiving the royalty checks you deserve? Don't let your publisher bamboozle you into thinking your book isn't selling. Don't trust, verify.
  • How is Kindle performing compared to Hardcover or Audible?
  • Is your backlist selling?
  • Did that list swap convert?
  • Is your review team on the job?
  • Did making the first book in a series permafree entice new buyers?
  • Did a promotional appearance move the needle?
  • Did promo stacking stack up?
  • Is your reader magnet attracting readers?
  • Did that class you attended up your game?
  • Are your pre-orders thriving?
  • Is your book funnel circling the drain?
  • Did your launch strategy rocket sales?
  • Is your book bundle warm and toasty?
  • Is your marketing driving traffic?
  • Did increasing per click bids press your buttons?
  • How are your competitors performing? You don't have to monitor just your books. You can keep an eye on your competitors too. Smart!

Do you have any of these questions about any of your books?

How will you know the answers unless you track your sales rank with Best Sellers Rank? Take control of your own future.

Take control of your own future.

Better Information = Smarter Decisions = Increasing Sales
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What kind of books should I write?

Probably 20% of your books generate 80% of your sales. Which brings up a lot of questions:

  • Which of the genres do you write in that sell the best?
  • Which book categories sell the best?
  • Would it be better to write another book in an existing series or start a new series?
  • Does writing to market work for you?
  • Does not writing to market work for you?

By tracking sales rank you can tell where you should put your effort to generate the most sales.

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What is Best Sellers Rank's origin story?

I’m an author and I found myself obsessively checking Amazon to see how my book was doing. You know what I mean. Was anyone reading my book? Was anyone reviewing my book? Was anyone paying any attention at all?

And I had deeper questions too. When I started an ad campaign, did my sales rank improve? Did I get more reviews? Were my promotions working at all?

I’m also a programmer, so I thought why not create a service so I didn’t have to waste time on Amazon? I did and it works great. I’m hoping Best Sellers Rank is a service others will find useful too.

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