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Amazon Review Monitoring Made Simple, Instant, and Automated

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Stay fully aware of all your Amazon feedback with the Amazon Review Tracking tool!

Listen to what your customers say, manage their impressions, protect your store from scams and boost your online reputation.

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How Does SellerSonar Amazon Review Tracker Protect Your Business?


After adding products, our tool detects:

  • Each new positive review

  • Each new critical review

  • Critical reviews upvoting

  • Reviews changes and removals


You get an instant Amazon review notification with useful tips

Along with alerts, we send you tips on why & how to fix issues. You can also customize your notification settings to adjust Amazon reviews tracking to suit your needs.


Proceed with resolving an issue instantly

Monitoring your listings 24/7 allows fixing the issue as soon as possible, thus, protecting your online reputation, and improving your rating.

Top 7 Reasons to Use Amazon Rating Checker


Compete honestly

Amazon review tracker helps you keep track of potentially fake reviews. After detection, you will be able to report it to Amazon and delete a suspicious review without harming your online reputation.

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Manage critical reviews instantly

Getting negative review alerts right after they have appeared is an opportunity to instantly handle an issue. Prevent your customers from getting the wrong impression.

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Stay aware of deleted reviews

When Amazon reviews are suddenly deleted in a bulk, it can be a hijacking sign. Get an instant AMZ alert and report the possible scam to Amazon, saving your reputation from damage.


See a bigger picture of reviews

With SellerSonar, you can easily monitor both text and one-tap Amazon reviews and receive notifications for top phrases mentioned in your client feedback. It all aims to give you a comprehensive view of customer sentiment for your products.

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Get top phrases insights

Discover what your customers truly think of your products as SellerSonar divides top phrases into positive or negative and male or female categories. Tailor your marketing strategies to specific demographics and connect with your audience like never before!

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Export reviews

Over time, as you store more and more reviews, you may want to export them in a convenient format. SellerSonar allows you to filter reviews by specific criteria and download a report with up to 100,000 reviews.

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Download notifications for your convenience

Export review and rating notifications with an indication of ASIN, marketplace, and alert type for quick analysis. Then, you can just use filters to apply the necessary sorting.

Amazon Review Tracking in Questions and Answers

Why do I need to know when critical reviews get upvoted?

Upvoting for critical or negative reviews promotes their visibility on your product listings. Deal with negative reviews in a smart way by getting instant alerts and stay aware if they are upvoted with our Amazon review tracking tool.

Can you help fix a negative review?

Our AMZ tracking review app helps you stay updated on such issues. In this case, you can either contact the buyer directly or report it to Amazon if there are signs of a scam.

Do I need to add all of my competitors’ products manually?

Of course, not. Our goal is to help you get most of the things automated, and Amazon review tracking isn’t an exception. You can just add their store ID once and we will keep track of the competing offers on our own.

Can I monitor different data for different ASINs?

Yes, you can apply a different set of monitored parameters for each ASIN.

We support all Amazon marketplaces!


SellerSonar Unique Features

  • SellerSonar allows tracking more ASINs and keywords in comparison with other Amazon listing software.

  • Our Amazon product alert tool monitors all important parameters every 35-60 minutes.

  • You get Amazon review alerts instantly and may proceed with resolving an issue ASAP.

  • You don’t have to connect your AMZ account to use SellerSonar and monitor Amazon reviews - your privacy is our priority.

  • We constantly update our software so that sellers can run their businesses in the most effective and smartest way possible.

  • You may track both your and competitors’ ASINs for numerous parameters.

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